Zoe Saldana’s Children – All You Need To Know

Zoe Saldana's children

Zoe saldana has always tight lipped about her personal life, this has made recent information very priceless. Before she opened up, little information was known about her relationship with her husband or even the behavioural nature of her kids. In the light of current information, Zoe saldana’s children are nothing short of adorable. When she was pregnant with the twins, Cy and Bowie, it was pop star Britney Spears who actually spilled the beans about her pregnancy.

Zoe Saldana’s children have been taught to communicate in Spanish and English.Zoe Saldana has proven to be a talented actress and a wonderful mother.

Zoe saldana’s children – Their Debut Appearance

We saw Zoe Saldana’s children make their first appearance on social media when she was celebrating the third birthday of her first-born sons on. Saldana decided to try something different and be a bit more open, revealing the boys’ faces, which are super adorable. With cute faces and their curly hair, the built up anticipation to see these children was absolutely worth it. On her Instagram post, Zoe said :

“on a day like today, three years ago our lives changed forever. We went from being two to four in just 2 minutes. Even though your arrival was early and with a couple of scary hiccups you have been the light of our lives ever since we learned of your presence within us. Your strength, determination, curiosity and kindness humble us every day. Thank You for choosing us to guide you through the first stages of your purposeful path in life.”


She continued by saying,”You are both meant for greatness and by the grace of God your father and I will make sure you grow up to be exceptional men that will bring healing , wisdom, happiness, and change into this world. We have a big task ahead us, and that is to raise healthy, empathetic and selfless men.”.

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Zoe saldana’s children – Their Full Name And Birth Dates

Zoe Saldana's children - Cy and Bowie

Zoe Saldana’s children – Cy and Bowie

Zoe Saldana and Marco Saldana, her husband have both given raise to three(3) wonderful boys, the first two being twins. Cy Aridio Perego-Saldana and Bowie Ezio Perego-Saldana being twins are both 4years old and Zen Perego-Saldana is 2years old.

You must have noticed that Zeo Saldana’s children both their mother and father’s name. It may also interest you to know that Marco also holds the Saldana name has Zoe also the Perego name. This is due to a mutual agreement between Zoe and Marco.

An Insight On How Adorable Zoe Saldana’s Children Are(Twins)

In a exclusive interview with E!, Zoe said her twin boys called each other Cy. According to her, “They call each other Cy! We’re like, ‘You’re Cy, and that’s Bowie,’ and they’re like, ‘Cy?'”. That’s absolutely adorable.

The twin brother’s also have an interesting and equally funny way of relating with each other. Zoe narrated one of the scenarios we find particularly interesting, in her own words, “if the other one leaves the vicinity that one is in, immediately it’s like they perk up, and they’re like, ‘Cy?’ and they walk and they have to find each other. Then once they find each other, you think they’re gonna hug, they’re gonna kiss, no. They find each other and they just cross [and keep walking], and sit on opposite sides of the room, but check each other out.”

Zoe Saldana’s Children – The little tale that around Zen

Zoe Saldana's children - zen

Zoe Saldana’s children – zen

Alot of questions were thrown towards Zoe Saldana when she posted a photo with her new baby. We were all impressed because we never knew of a pregnancy of Saldana after having had their twins. After numerous speculations about how the actress supposedly could have so easily conceal a pregnancy.

She herself has announced during an interview to promote “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2” that she underwent alternative processes of medicine meaning Zen was never in her womb. “If people did not see me pregnant it’s because I obviously did not carry him in my womb,” she explained.

She also dropped her opinion on the scientific method of birth and also the need to embrace this new technology. she said ” It is important for other families to feel that if they need a last push, they can value alternatives and what science and technology gives us today to complete our families in non-traditional ways. We are crazy to share it, but we want to wait a little,”

We hope this brief write up on Zoe Saldana’s children has given you an insight on how amazing the Perego-Saldana family is. We expect to learn even about Zoe Saldana’s children, especially about her third son Zen. Stay tuned as we promise to provide you more information as Zeo Saldana and her family.

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