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Visa Requirements For US Citizens

The visa requirements for citizens and non-citizens of the United States if America (USA) are administrative entry restrictions which are placed by the authorities of other states be and placed on the citizens of the United States of America (USA). As a traveler, if you are looking for visa-free countries fo United States citizens or looking for the visa requirements for US Citizens to Europe, this post is for you to read.

Visa Requirements For US Citizens
As of 9 October 2018, United States passport holders can travel to over 186 countries of the world and territories without having a travel visa or need a visa on arrival into the country.
All over the world, the United States passport ranks as the 5th in terms of travel freedom. Currently, the United States passport is a top passport which is among the Austrian passport, the Luxembourg passport, the Netherlands passport, the Norwegian passport, the Portuguese passport and the passport of the United Kingdom (UK).
One of the most popular and commonly applied visas in the world is the family-sponsored visa.
In an instance when a citizen of the United States (U.S) gets married to a foreigner, the spouse from the foreign country will need a visa and will have to go to the United States (U.S) permanently.
The spouse can choose to apply for a U.S non-immigrant visa which is only available for a short term stays but if the couple wants to reside and live in the United States of America (U.S), then the spouse who happens to be a foreigner needs to get or acquire one of the spouse visas.
There are different types and varieties of spouse visas for the couples in the United States (U.S) depending on the situation of the couple.
Couples are recommended to check out the different types of spouse visas and select the suitable option that suits the family and to know if you can fulfill the requirements of the visa

Type of Spouse Visas for the United States Citizens

The visas below are types of spouse visas for United States citizens:
K3 Visa: This is the visa applied for the spouse of a United States (U.S) citizen that is awaiting the approval of an I-130 immigrant petition
Conditional Resident (CR-1) Visa: This means that the spouse must have been married to a United States citizen for a period of at least 2 years, and they will
maintain conditional status.
The reason for this is to prevent marriages from taking place only for the sole objective of obtaining a permanent residence in the United States of America (USA).
Immediate Relative (IR-1) Visa: This visa means that the foreigner must have
been married to the United States (U.S) citizen for a period of at least 2 years, and after that, the spouse will gain permanent residence status without having to go through the conditions of the CR-1 visa.

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