Visa Free Countries Nigerian Passport Holders can Visit 2019

Everyone loves to take a trip once in a while, whether its a business, family or leisure trip, we all love to visit exciting new places where we feel welcomed.

While visiting other countries is a wonderful experience, the process of getting a visa (a travel document that permits you into other countries legally) is usually very strenuous and often tiring. Another downside as a Nigerian is that the Nigerian passport is listed as the 83rd rank in freedom to travel across the world.

Notwithstanding, there are quite a number of countries in the world Nigerian Citizens and Passport holders are permitted to enter without a visa as a strict requirement.

List of Visa-Free countries for Nigerians

Below is a list of countries around the world that Nigerian CItizens and Nigerian passport holders are not required to have a visa prepared to enter.

  • Benin Republic
  • Djibouti
  • Rwanda
  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • Bangladesh
  • Cape Verde
  • Morocco
  • Cambodia
  • Fiji
  • ….. and so much more

Benin Republic

The Benin Republic is a Neighbouring country to Nigeria that you can visit for as long as 3 months without a visa. There are quite a number of interesting and exciting tourist destinations you can visit in Benin republic as a Nigerian without the need for a Visa.


Djibouti is a beautiful country located in the eastern part of Africa. This amazing country houses the Lake Assal – one of the lowest points of land in the World (the lowest in Africa) is a visa-free country for Nigerians to visit. Keep in note that you might need a visa on arrival into the country.


Easily recognised as the neatest African country, Rwanda has become a choice destination for tourists, investors and immigrants. After the genocide war in 1994, Rwanda has worn a new serene and secure look with a crime rate of only about 5%.

Visa is obtained at the entry point with just $100 for Nigerian passport holders.


Kenya is one of the top locations in East Africa to visit if you want to see beautiful and exquisitely locations. What more? It’s visa-free for Nigerian citizens as you are entitled to a visa on arrival which is valid for up to 90days.


Uganda is a destination of choice for a lot of tourists because of it’s exquisite wildlife attractions and a whole lot of exciting places to visit.

As a Nigerian Passport holder, you are entitled to a visa on arrival in Uganda.


Located in the Asian continent, Bangladesh is considered one of the world’s most populated places to live.

As a Nigerian citizen, you must provide $500 dollars worth of asset as well as a return ticket to be able to be issued a visa on arrival with a validity of 30 days.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde is one lovely destination for every Nigerian to visit. A visa will not be required by a Nigerian passport upon entry to Cape Verde, provided you can prove to the immigration officials that you do not plan to stay permanently in the country. You will be required to provide a return ticket, as well as proof of sufficient funds.


Morocco is an amazing country with so many attractive resorts. With its super relaxing weather, it is a one-stop destination for lovers and businessmen alike. Morocco is one of the top visa-free countries for Nigerians to visit in 2019.


Cambodia- Visa free country for nigerians
Angkor wat -Cambodia

Located in the southeastern part of the massive Asian continent, Cambodia allows Nigerians entry into its borders with a visa on arrival valid for 30 days at the port of entry. The country is well known for its beautiful beaches and ancient temple cities. It is best to visit during the annual Water Festival in November.


Located in the south pacific ocean, Fiji is a lovely destination for tourists. The country offers Visa on arrival valid for a duration of 4 months to Nigerian citizens.

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