US Passport Visa Free Countries For Citizens

As a USA passport holder, there are countries that you can visit without a visa. USA passport holders can pay a visit to more than 150 countries of the world without obtaining a visa for your travel.
Even some popular destination countries still allow US citizens to
enter their country without a visa. In this post, you will get to know about visa-free countries which you can visit as a citizen of the United States of America (USA).
Mexico is a top international destination for United States citizens. Visas are not required for US citizens and US passport holders. But should in case, the US citizen decides to stay for more a week in the Mexican territory, such traveler must purchase a tourist card which is slated at a price tag of approximately $20.
USA citizens with a valid US passport are allowed to enter Jamaica. As for US visitors and travelers, there is no visa required for them to enter Jamaica.
The Bahamas is another country for American citizens to visit without a visa. All US citizens that need to enter the Bahamas must possess a valid US
If the traveler is arriving by air, such traveler must have a passport book which contains at least two blank pages marked visas.
US citizens are not required to have visas for them to gain entrance to Canada.
Republic of Ireland
The Republic of Ireland enables USA citizens to stay for a period of 90 days without a visa.
Every US citizen seeking entrance to Ireland must be prepared to
show documentation that clarifies the nature of their visit.
USA citizens and travelers can stay in Italy for a period of 90 days without a visa. The requirements for this is that only US citizens that have a valid passport valid for at least 3 months which will past the end of the trip, with two blank pages which would be marked “Visas”.
United Kingdom
Finally, the United Kingdom is another country for US citizens and travelers to visit without a visa. The United Kingdom consists of four countries namely; England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland makes way for US citizens to enter the UK without a
visa for social visits, tourist activities, business or any other visit less than 90

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