The Ultimate Travel Checklist: 5 Essentials for any Traveller

While over-packing becomes costly and costly, under-packing leaves us worrying about the missed out stuff. When you are setting off to a hassle-free travel experience, striking the right balance in packing in the key. You cannot burden yourself up with excess items and you also cannot miss out on the essential things. As far as my travel experiences are concerned, the best practice is to skim through a travel checklist online. And that’s what I do every time with my Spectrum Internet. It makes things pretty convenient and you leave anxiety at home when you finally step outside your home.

The Checklist of Essentials For Any Travelling Trip

Following are some essential things, which you should always double-check while packing. Let’s discuss them in the following sections:

Check Requirements for Visa and Vaccination

Get Travel Insurance

Get Your Important Documents Copied

Book Your Accommodation

Be Well-Packed

Let’s discuss them in detail.

Check Requirements for Visa and Vaccination


Know that every country has certain requirements for the tourist visa. And they are not the same for every country. Some countries essentially require vaccinations to approve your tourist visa. Make sure you are well acquainted with the guidelines beforehand. Meet those mandatory requirements to avoid any hassle on the day of departure.

Also, monitor the health-related updates for the country you are headed to regularly. That’s particularly true for country-specific epidemics and illnesses. One instance is the outbreak of Zika virus.

Get Travel Insurance


Do not take travel insurance lightly. It can actually make up for the cost of any lost and stolen items, medical emergencies, and even trip cancellations. Insurance can also prove to be of great benefit if you have an unexpected disruption in your trip. Just like you have a car, home, and phone insurances, make sure you have insurance too. This will save you from costly penalties. There are different kinds of travel insurance. You can pick the one that caters your needs according to your budget and style. They are:

Low-cost insurance

Medical insurance

International travel insurance

Get Your Important Documents Copied


In these times of cloud storage and amenities like emails and hard-drives, we underestimate the worth of hard copies. In case your gadgets are stolen or something unfortunate happens, you need to have your travel documents. Keeping a separate folder with plenty of copies of the following documents is highly recommended. Also, keep them in your email and hard drives for some added precaution. Here are the documents:


Travel Insurance


Credit Cards (front, back)

Driver’s License

Airline Tickets


Vaccination Certificates

Reservation Confirmations (rental car, hotel, cruise tickets, and so on)


Book Your Accommodation


You may like to be spontaneous and choose the hotel when you actually see it with your ever. But know that it’s a major risk. You may find out that there was a local festival and all the hotels are fully booked. It’s no less than a nightmare. So, instead of going through some crazy hassle, book your accommodation beforehand. This will save you from being stuck with low grade, leftover hotel rooms. Skimming through reviews on hotels is also a good practice. Based on that research, always book in advance.


Be Well-Packed

Here is a convenient list of some essentials:

Headphones: You need to distract yourself from the inevitable noise in the plane and even in the hotel. It’s a good idea to invest in noise-canceling headphones


Power Converter: Never forget a power converter on an international trip. We repeat, never forget a power converter! Check online to know which converters will suit you in your destination country. It’s good to invest in two converters for smooth charging of your gadgets

Hand Sanitizer: Don’t ignore your immune system, while you are traveling. You definitely don’t want to catch a bad cold or flu on your vacation. Keep a good quantity of antibacterial wipes or a hand sanitizer. They should be easy to carry


Water Bottle (Reusable): Keep it empty while you pass through the security check at the airport. But carrying a reusable water bottle, preferably with an attached filter is important. This will save the money that you recurrently waste on purchasing water bottles


First-Aid Kit: It’s a good idea to have a mini first-aid kit with customized items. In case of an emergency, you should have the basic things and medicines


With this checklist, you are good to go. Just pick your Spectrum Voice now and make the necessary airline and accommodation bookings. You can thank us later!

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