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After my deep research about Romania, I have come up with my top Romanian foods which you must try when you visit yourself.

Romania is a place for food lovers and any travel enthusiast must visit because there’s a richness in terms of traditional cuisine, that your senses will be spoiled with intense and amazing flavors.

Romanian cuisine is not too spicy and too complicated and it may not be as fancy as the French cuisine but it is so interesting and it is the perfect food ever. Romanian food has a very familiar taste and that’s the most peculiar thing about it. It also tastes like something you’ve never tried before.

This is because the traditional cuisine is a mix of cooking techniques and dishes borrowed from the neighboring cultures, such as German, Hungarian, Slavic, and Turkish, but romanized and transformed with local spices and herbs.

The Top Romainian Food to Try Out When Visiting

Below are the top Romainian food to try out when visiting


Sarmale is a very typical Romanian dish called “Cabbage Roll” and it can be found on most menus. The dish is a balanced mixture of minced meat (it is usually pork combined with beef or pork) and other local herbs and vegetables which is rolled in cabbage leaves for a delicate flavor. It is likewise served with mamaliga as it’s locally known.


Romanian soup culture is some of the best soups I’ve ever tasted and it’s very real. The country’s specialty is a kind of soup known as Sour soup or Ciorba. Ciorba differs from all these regular soup by including acid which is usually lemon juice to make the soup sour. Generally, soups consist of both a mixture of vegetables and meat and then they are almost always served with pickled peppers, fresh bread, and sour cream. My favorite non-sour soup is a vegetable and beef soup known as peasants soup. This version of the soup is always served with plenty of fresh sliced onions.



I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this dish. Please do not the name of this dish fool you or scare you off like it almost did me. The salad is more of a spread than an actual salad, and it is mostly served as an appetizer. Fish eggs known as ‘fresh roe’ are mixed with lemon juice, chopped shallots, olive oil, and served with fresh bread. It is a very typical starter that you’ll find on most tables in romania before dinner. MICI Mici is also known as ‘mititei’ and they are one of the most popular grill dishes in Romanian. I don’t think there is any Romanian that can imagine a good barbecue without them because they are so loved. These sausages are made of various combinations of black pepper, ground meat, and other spices, which are always grilled until they become soft and moist and then darken a little. Mici is typically served with mustard and fresh bread. You can find Mici in fast foods, restaurants, in street food shops or you can just get the mixture from any grocery store, frozen or fresh, ready to be fried or grilled whenever you feel like. It’s so meaty and simple. You can wash them down with a cold pint of Romanian beer for extra satisfaction. I’ve never been able to stop smelling this aroma after eating just one. In fact, locals always order at least 3 times at a time.


Cighiri is similar to huge meatballs. The recipe includes the meat of different kinds of organs such as the heart, liver, and lungs. All of these organs are then combined with eggs, garlic, onions, bay leaves, pepper and plenty of salt. Then after that, this mixture will be wrapped in hog fried and stomach. They are just so perfect for maybe a hot quick snack and they are definitely delicious. It’s served with any garnish you want. Some are homemade red wine, and pickles. Cighiri has a very high chances to become your next favorite Romanian food today!

Hey dear, here they are top amazing traditional Romanian foods that I’ve once tried. And it will definitely make your Romanian experience unforgettable! Is there a dish you’d most like to try? What do you think of Romanian food? Well, please do not hesitate to let me know in the comment section below!

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