This is The Real Cost of Rhinoplasty in Delhi

Rhinoplasty surgery is useful in gaining a desirable shape of a nose, which means that it is a cosmetic surgery. But it also helps in correcting any damages to a nose due to accidents. Many people are undergoing the surgeon’s knife to get a symmetrical nose for giving their faces a better appearance. However, the patients have also to consider the costs involved. Cost of rhinoplasty in Delhi is affordable and within budgets of many patients. Not only that, while maintaining high standards of the surgery, the costs in the capital city are much cheaper when compared to other nations. This makes Delhi and other cities of India attractive destination for the nose surgery.

When it comes to the costs, there is no one price package for all types of rhinoplasty surgeries. Know that there are several types of the surgery. Main nose surgeries include reduction rhinoplasty, which reduces the size of the nose and augmentation rhinoplasty which is for adding volume to the nose. Other surgeries are functional rhinoplasty for improved breathing and nasal refinement surgery to enhance the nose. Then, there is ethnic rhinoplasty and birth deformity and deformity due to trauma or accident.  So, the costs vary depending on an individual case of surgery.


Cost of rhinoplasty in Delhi

As has been mentioned, the cost depends a lot on the type of surgery you are undergoing and its complexities. In Delhi, the average cost can be anywhere in the range of Rs 50000 to 2 lakhs. In big hospitals with all the modern facilities for the patients, the approximate cost is Rs 1 to 2 lakhs.

But the costs depend on a lot of factors. If the surgeon’s reputation is very high, the costs will increase to very high levels. Not only the level of expertise but also the complexity of the surgery will enhance the costs. If the nose defects are serious or the injury due to trauma or accident is complicated, it will only increase the costs. Multiple nasal injuries will cost even more.

There are in fact, many factors included in rhinoplasty surgery cost in Delhi. Take for example the fee of an anesthesia specialist.  The cost will increase more if the anesthesia is highly experienced. If there is a need for cartilage grafts, it will involve additional price for the patient. Some nasal obstruction can also increase the cost.

Comparison of cost with other countries

When it comes to comparing the cost of nose surgery in Delhi with other countries, we find that the city is entirely affordable. In fact, the rhinoplasty costs are dirt cheap in Delhi as compared to the costs in the USA, where it can go up to $30,000 or around Rs 20 lakhs. In the UK, rhinoplasty can cost around $ 25,000 or around Rs 16 lakhs. In Singapore, the costs will be at $10,000 or around Rs 7 lakhs.

From the above comparison, it is evident that Delhi is much cheaper for rhinoplasty surgery. But cheaper cost does not mean that there is any compromise on the quality. India, especially Delhi, is already known for the expertise of surgeons including rhinoplasty surgeons. The hospitals in the city are well equipped with the latest surgical techniques and modern facilities. This means that world-class rhinoplasty surgery is available to the patients at dirt cheap prices in Delhi as compared to the costs in some of the big cities of the world.

If you compare several hospitals for their cost of rhinoplasty in Delhi, you can have even more budget-friendly packages.

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