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Things to Do In San Francisco

San Francisco is a city with a rich culture and history. It is centered with lots of side attractions which are exciting to travelers and the residents. San Francisco happens to be the 13th most populated state in the United States of America. For travelers visiting a big city in the U.S like San Francisco, there are a lot of interesting things to exciting things to do. In this post, you will get to know about some interesting things to do in San Francisco.

Things To Do In San Fransisco

Ride The San Francisco Cable Car System

Things to Do In San Francisco

San Francisco is very proud of their road and cable car system. More of the people who ride cars in San Francisco are tourists, travelers, and visitors who are looking for something different to try out.

San Francisco has a good cable car system. Presently, there are about 23 different cable car lines in San Francisco. As a foreigner, one of the things which you do in San Francisco is to ride the San Francisco cable car system.

Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge

Things to Do In San Francisco

The famous Golden Gate is another thing to do when you pay a visit to San Francisco. The Golden Gate is one of the popular places in the city, The bridge was opened in 1937, and it has been declared as one of the modern wonders in the world.

The bridge is between San Francisco Bay and Marin County. Before the bridge was created, people used a ferry to get across San Francisco and Marin County. The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco has a total length of 1.7 miles.

Watch The San Francisco Giants

Things to Do In San Francisco

The AT&T Park is the home ground of the San Francisco Giants. The San Francisco Giants remains one of the popular teams in the American Football League. Watching the San Francisco Giants is one of the things you should do when you are in the city of San Francisco.

The current stadium amounted to a total cost of $357,000,000 (three hundred and fifty-seven million dollars). The San Francisco Giants have won the World Series for 8 times, the last time they won the tournament was in the year, 2014.

Check Out Delicious Food At The Ferry Building

Things to Do In San Francisco

Another thing to do in San Francisco is to stop by at the Ferry Building to check out some of the meals made by the best chefs in San Francisco. The Ferry Building Marketplace is one of the famous attraction centers in the city of San Francisco.

Pay a Visit The Oldest Japanese Tea Garden In The U.S

Things to Do In San Francisco

Lastly, another thing to do in San Francisco when you pay a visit is to take a visit to the oldest Japanese garden in America which happens to be the San Francisco’s Japanese Tea Garden.

The San Francisco Japanese Tea Garden is one of the famous tourist attractions in San Francisco. Here, you get to see the pagodas, arched bridges, stepping stone and native Japanese plants. Also, you can get some traditional Japanese refreshments and supplements when you are hungry.

This is all for today on what you need to do when you visit San Francisco. Feel free to share and drop a comment

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