Phil Collins Net Worth – All You Need To Know

Phil Collins Net Worth

With over a 100 million albums sold worldwide worldwide, seven Grammy Awards, two Golden Globes and an Oscar (and more), phil collins net worth is really one to address. Born in Chiswick, Middlesex, London on the 30th of January 1951, his full name is Philip David Charles Collins. This 67year old artists has been in the entertainment industry for over 4 decades.

Before now, had you ever heard of Phil Collins? Well, he is an English musician, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist(plays many musical instruments), actor and writer. With all these effectively used talents, it is no surprise how he has accumulated his present net worth.

Some of his hit solo songs that really made the headlines were “Sussudio”, piano-driven ballad “Against All Odds”, “Another Day in Paradise” this one in particular was my favorite (and still is).

Looking into the life of Phil Collins will give you a gleams of combining passion, hard work and consistency in a perfect blend. Phil had always had a musical talent. From the he of five, he had shown interest in drum, banging around with his toy drum. However, he went a step toward by talking drumming lessons from Frank King and Lloyd Ryan at the age of 14.


Also, in recent times there has been several speculations about him being gay. This however has not being proven as the artist has continuously refuted this claim.

Phil Collins Net Worth

Phil Collins Net Worth is estimated to be $260 Million which comes as no surprise considering his strides and accomplishments.

Children – Phil Collins Net Worth

From his three marriages, phil collins had three children. He had one daughter with his second wife Jill Tavelman, actress Lily Collins, born in 1989. Yeah that’s right (incase you didn’t know) Phil collins is her father. Lily Collins has stared in a number of amazing movies including one about snow white. And With Orianne Cevey, his third wife, phil has two sons, Nicholas and Matthew.

Awards – Phil Collins Net Worth

Over the years, Phil Collins has proved himself worthy of some outstanding achievements. And has gained some recognition for them. Some of these awards include;

  • Seven Grammy Awards.
  • Six Brit Awards.
  • Three American Music Awards.
  • An Academy Award.
  • Two Golden Globe Awards.
  • A Disney Legend Award.

By every means, he well deserved every single award.

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