My 6 Favorite Things to Do in Dubai

People are very fond of the beauty and extravagant lifestyle of Dubai which is why millions of people visit the city each year. Shocked? I know right? Yes, according to the stats around 15.8 million tourists visited Dubai in 2017, however, the Dubai tourism 2020 vision predicts attracting 20 million people from all around the world. Amazing, isn’t it?

Well, if you are here, you too must be among those curious ones who are planning to visit the city of treats. So, here you go with the top suggestions you must consider while going to Dubai. 



  • Desert Safari 


What’s the point of visiting Dubai if you don’t get to enjoy Dessert Safari? We recommend sparing a day for this fun activity as it is hell fun but you end up getting a little too tired at the end of the day. The Red Dunes leave your jaws dropped with their enthralling beauty. The package mostly includes live BBQ and Bonfire at desert camps making it all worthwhile. 



  • Climb Burj Khalifa? No. 


Although the moment we hear about Dubai, the second thought that pops up is climbing those 163 floors of Burj Khalifa, Dude! We recommend going for it only if you are high on a budget because according to us,

“it’s too little for too much”. I mean would you spend 525 AED just to catch the aerial view of the city you can actually explore? Never mind. 


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  • Global Village.


The best part about visiting Dubai is that you get to enjoy flavors from 90 countries when you visit the iconic Global Village. Isn’t it awesome?

Shop different countries, eat different cuisines and make the most of your money as well as leisure time instead of wasting it on anything random which could be found easily anywhere. 



  • Yacht Tour 


Dubai Marina offers mesmerizing scenic views from the yacht followed by live BBQ and lots of entertainment. Trust us when we say it’s a lifetime kind of experience. No matter from which part of the world are you traveling, the English-Speaking guide makes it an extremely memorable experience for you. The Yacht tour covers iconic places including Dubai Marina, Blue Water Island, Dubai Eye, Jumeirah Beach, the Palm, and the Atlantis as well as the most famous Burj al Arab. 

Dubai Dancing Fountain 


Even though many countries have imitated the archetypal dancing fountain, Dubai owns a class apart. The unique 30-minute fountain bridge situated in Downtown Dubai is worth visiting. You will definitely cherish the optical views of the site. The best part is, it’s situated right in front of the famous Dubai Mall and next to Burj Khalifa which means you get to save a lot on your traveling trips.

The Palm Jumeirah 

Built on the area covering around 5 km. The Palm Jumeirah is a man-made island that is well known for its luxurious hotels, deluxe apartments, and elite class restaurants from all over the world.  Apart from all these obvious facilities, the island possesses enthralling ambiance with the infinity pools as well as soothing light music, DJs, and much more.


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So, don’t worry if you didn’t get to catch the famous New Year’s fireworks in Dubai. This manmade ecstasy has a lot to offer all around the year. So, chin up and start planning your visit to the city of colors, luxuries and never-ending enjoyment. Make sure you check the Opodo Discount Code to save on your vacations and also please don’t forget to recommend them to your friends and family. Cheers to the new beginnings!

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