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international travel checklist

Are you planning on making an international trip or visiting some exotic destination that is out of your country’s borders? An international travel checklist is one of the essential things that should come in handy when preparing for such a journey.

In this article, you are going to be able to have an international travel checklist on your own or if you find our’s handy, you would be able to download our version of the standard international travel checklist. Trust me, your holiday experience just got better.

Why do need a check list?

Of all things, why a check list? Staying organized is of utmost importance. You don’t want to end up traveling and forgetting half the things you need. A check list will help you keep stock of all the inventory you need.

The disappointment of forgetting something can be really frustrating, especially when you feel like you could have done something about it. Organizing a checklist helps you bypass all these unpleasant experiences. This will in turn ensure you have a bliss travel experience.

Worried about how to organize a checklist? Don’t you worry, we have made available a downloadable pdf checklist file. We will also be giving you some tips on how to make your own travel checklist.

How To Prepare Your International Travel Checklist

The steps below are the ways to plan your international travel checklist to ensure that you do not omit or miss out on any important thing.

  1. Plan your trip early.
  2. Ask for help when packing
  3. Be cautious and patient.
  4. Consider Your pocket.
luggage containing international travel checklist

luggage containing international travel checklist

International Travel Checklist Guide

  1. choose your main luggage
  2. Organise Your stuff

There is one essential factor to consider when picking items for your checklist. And that is “necessity”. What do I mean? You should first consider things that are essentially part of your traveling needs.

Ending up with a ton of things that you don’t need can become a burden. Just incase you start thinking it’s sounding like so much work, you don’t have to over think it. Just take what’s necessary first.

A Mock List Of Essential Things To Put Into Account

When creating your international travel checklist, there are some essentials you must take along. These items are sure to be found useful in various stages of your journey.

Such items include ;

  • Toiletries: Even in cases we’re provision is made for this in your destination, it’s best you always carry yours along.
  • Medications: Just incase you are on some sort of medication, this should be among the first things you arrange into your traveling bag.
  • Your Passport: The last thing you want is to get to the airport and realize that you forgot your passport. Save your self the stress and make sure you take it along
  • Extra cash: The need for this can never be over emphasized. Being stranded with no atm’s close and no cash at, is a no God experience.
  • Footwear: take along some flip flops or sandals. Walking around with your shoes can get uncomfortable. Having alternatives can ease the stress of having sore feet.
  • Gadgets: Don’t forget your phone! This may sound silly, but it happen when you’re in a rush sometimes. Your ear plugs and/or head phones will also be found useful.
  • Pepper spray: You are likely to find this “resourceful” at any time
  • Camera: fine, your smart phone may have the best camera, but just for the fun of it, if you have one, taking it along can be fun.
  • Beard kit(for bearded men) : keeping your beard in shape shouldn’t stop because you are traveling. Goom your beard and stay in style even while on the move.
  • Make up kit(for the ladies): Except you plan to purchase a new set in your destination, you should definitely carry this along

There are many other items to carried while traveling. Some are ever peculiar to you. Just make sure you pack all the essentials first.

International Travel Checklist PDF free Download

As promised earlier, here is a free download link to Goabroad’s standard international packing and travel checklist. Kindly download the packing checklist by clicking on the underlined link below.

Download The International Travel and Packing Checklist Here

Even after organizing your international travel checklist, whatever your goal is for the travel is, always remember to have some fun and take lots of pictures. Going to some where new of different from were we are is always an awesome experience. Especially when you plan things right.

Do not forget to share this article to other people who might be in need of this international travel checklist. Do you have an awesome or even wierd travel experience you want to share? We will also be delighted to hear about it. Share your experience with us and we most certainly give you the credit you deserve.

We do hope that you find our international travel checklist very useful. And as always, expect your feedback.


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[…] International Travel Checklist -PDF download here […]

[…] International Travel Checklist -PDF download here […]

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