How To Make Online Payments To Any Country From Nigeria

Topic: Everyone has different way of what they think and their respective perspectives when it comes to this making payments online of a thing and I’m going to show you today how you can even make online payments the easiest and safest way from Nigeria.


Have you been asking yourself, how can I make payments online in Nigeria? What do I need? Relax your problem has been solved.

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Perhaps you need to pay for goods, oh no, it can be services like web design, or any other cool stuff.

Three Ways To Make Payments Online To Any Country From Nigeria

The Top Three ways to make payment to any country from Nigeria are:

  1. PayPal
  2. Gift Cards
  3. Bitcoin
  1. PayPal: If you have a PayPal account then you are good to go to process any sort of payments right from the comfort of your home to any country of the world although PayPal can be limited in some ways to Nigerians.


But, there are still ways to go about that.

  1. Gift Cards: Do you know some sets of people need a very whole lot of gift cards to exchange for cash 

If you met one of them online then its a very good thing because all you need to do is order for a gift card ecode (can be iTunes, Amazon or Steam gift cards) all depends on who you are paying for a particular service.

 You can look up where to buy gift cards online in Nigeria using the Google search.

  1. Bitcoin: I call Bitcoin the “Digital currency of the world”. You know why? Because it is easily accessible and is accepted as a mode of payments almost anywhere in the world. All you need is a Bitcoin wallet and receiver address to send payments.

Bitcoin are also a very good way to go if you want to send payments online from Nigeria.


In conclusion, Paypal, Bitcoin and Gift cards are the way to go if you want to send payments online from Nigeria.

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