How Mi Has Become The Favorite Mobile Brand of India?

Xiaomi is a Chinese company which has its headquarters set in Beijing. This company specifically deals with mobiles phones, software, laptops and accessories. This company entered the Indian market with a view of capturing the budget segment of the market. It was founded in April, 2010 and since then it has only seen growth and nothing else.


This article will shower light upon the reasons for Xiaomi becoming the favourite brand in India, keep reading!


Availability of top-notch features at a very low price


Before Xiaomi entered the market, there were no other mobile phone companies providing such great features smartphones in budget range. Xiaomi brought a tremendous change in the market. After its launch many mobile phone companies started  to try integrating their models with a higher class of features but they were only able to do that at a high cost of smartphone.


But Xiaomi entered the market with phones which could compete with the features of the existing companies and also with their prices. If anyone  can get all required features at a much lower price, why would you anyone go for device which makes them spend more? Moreover, with company promoting several Mi offers, even more discounted deals can be enjoyed.


Compatible accessories which are also classy


In the time when Xiaomi wasn’t in the Indian market, the accessories were highly expensive and were compatible only with the parent company devices. They did not even look classy, were not user-friendly and were least comfortable. Xiaomi brought accessories which are reasonably priced, are compatible with not only its devices but also with the devices from other brands.



Xiaomi phones most importantly are very stylish, classy, comfortable and easy to use. This aspect of Xiaomi devices made the audience absolutely love them and fortunately company has sold a huge number of its devices over time.


Tough competition to the rival companies


If you search for the top 10 best Mobiles, you will surely find a couple of Xiaomi handsets there. Xiaomi’s name is now counted with the market leader in the consumer electronics market. The time period which this company has taken to reach where it is right now is significantly less. The market leaders have taken years to reach their positions. But, India is a country where most of the people belong to a middle-class society.


A majority of people look for budget phones which offer them the features provided by the top smartphone companies. This is what Xiaomi actually did. It set its target market to the share of the society which is more in numbers. This strategy has made this company one of the market leaders to give a tough competition to the other rival companies.


Xiaomi offers you outstanding Cameras

A decent camera and good battery life are the minimum requirements of today’s mobile users. With the increase in the usage of mobile phones, the battery remains to be the topmost priority of most of the users. When talking about clicking pictures, it can never go out of trend. A good camera quality which is able to click decent pictures is something that can attract a number of buyers.


Xiaomi understands this fact and has associated its phones with a very good camera and decent battery. When this company entered the market, it got the attention because of its great camera and amazing battery backup. The camera provided by it can easily compete with other companies’ smartphone cameras.


Durable hardware of the devices


In a country like India, not a lot of people change their phones or accessories on a monthly basis. You would prefer a device which is reliable and has a solid hardware which is capable of sustaining damages or rough use. Many companies present in the Indian market focus on making their devices as fancy as possible. However, in that effort, the devices might often turn out to be very fragile and do not sustain damages.


Whereas, Xiaomi devices are built to last. The hardware used in the production of the devices is durable enough to even sustain a free fall from a height. This company has integrated the use of metal of unbreakable glass in the body of its electronic devices. All in all, durability and attractive Mi Offers indeed play a very crucial role in its success.


Xiaomi is known for its electronic gadgets designed particularly for the budget oriented buyers. Not only this company deals in budget smartphone and accessories but also integrates almost all those features which you can find in a flagship model. After the entrance of Xiaomi in the Indian market, the prices of smartphone and related electronics have gone down significantly. This makes Xiaomi one of the most demanded company in today’s time.


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