Generating Electricity Using Magnet and Spark Plugs

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Have you ever imagined the possibilities of generating electricity using spark plugs instead of the usual electricity we are all use to? Well there is possibility of generating an electricity using a spark plug, after all motorcycles uses this same method to generate light in bulbs, power radio, etc.

I will work you through all you need to achieve this, follow each step and understand it carefully, because all steps are very important.


  • Bulb
  • Lamp Holder
  • Copper Wire
  • 2 Spark Plugs
  • Magnet
  • Electric Wires
  • screws


Get a table, place all your materials on the table, connect the electric wires to your lamb holder, get your copper wire, separate into 2 and connect it to the top end of the spark plugs separately. place the spark plugs on the magnet, make sure at this time the bulb is already inserted into the lamp holder, then  connect the electric wires both the +ve and the -ve to the bottom end of the two spark plugs separately. Boom, your bulb will be lighted.

Watch carefully the video for detailed instructions

Video Coming Soon

Chceck Out:   Video as a Tool for Education