Electric Terms a Vaper Should Know

EA vape is an electronic device used to vaporize substance such as tobacco and cannabis. A person who uses vaping devices is called a vaper, and the act of inhaling the vaporized e-liquid is referred to as vaping. An excellent example of a vape is the electronic cigarette commonly known as an e-cigarette. An e-cigarette contains four main components, namely;

Cartridge or Reservoir

The primary purpose of this component is to hold the e-liquid, which contains varying levels of nicotine and flavors.

An Atomizer

This is a heating element that provides heat to vaporize the e-liquid.

Power Source

This is usually a battery, and it powers the atomizer, which provides heat.


This device enables you to inhale the vaporized e-juice.

Advanced technology has made e-cigarettes and vaping more and more popular. If you want to quit smoking or you want to give vaping a try, having an in-depth understanding of vaping devices is very important.

Although many vapers can easily use vaping devices without knowing how exactly they work, it is always worth learning the science behind them. Knowledge is power; therefore, understanding the voltage, watts, and ohms in vaping devices enables you to get the vaping experience you desire.


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Understanding Voltage, Watts, and Ohms in Vaping Devices

By ensuring that the voltage is high and resistance low, a vaper can earn a robust throat hit with a sharp taste and vapor. On the other hand, when the voltage is low and resistance high, the vaper creates a weak throat hit with less flavor and vapor.


Voltage is the potential difference that assists in changing the wattage which controls the vaporizer. Most vapes have an energy of between 3.3v to 5.0v. The voltage of the vape depends on current and resistance. This can be further explained by the formulae below;

V=IR whereby I is current, and R is the resistance. Therefore, I =V/R. This means that when resistance is held constant, and voltage is varied, the current provided to the atomizer would vary with respect to voltage. When voltage is high, more current will be generated which will result in more vapor. Vice versa is also true.


It is defined as the amount of power consumed by the vaporizer. The taste concentration, throat hit and amount of vapor produced can be regulated using the power (watts) generated by the battery and channeled to the atomizer.


Ohms is the SI unit of resistance. From the formulae R=V/I, it is clear that resistance is inversely proportional to the current. To vapers, this means that if there is high resistance in the atomizer then less current will be flowing and when the resistance is reduced, the current will increase, resulting in more heat hence increased vapor, and a stronger throat hit.

Besides, the amount of current provided to the atomizer depends on two main variables – voltage and wattage. Based on this formulae P=VI where P is wattage, V is voltage, and I is current,it can be concluded that when the wattage is increased, more current will be generated to the atomizer and when the wattage is reduced, less current will be generated to the atomizer.

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