Dirndl Outfit Colors to Choose In 2019

Oktoberfest of 2018 is over, if you have missed the chance then do not worry, you can always pack your bags, ensure you have your complete travel checklist and go in 2019. On the other hand, if you have traveled before then going again will be a tremendous experience. You can relive the fantastic days all over again. However, for those who are first-time travelers, you need a proper travel guide of the best colors to choose for the dirndl dress outfit you plan to buy in the coming year.

Oktoberfest: A Traditional Folk Festival:

Before you start to plan an Oktoberfest vacation, you must have some knowledge of what type of festival is Oktoberfest. This traditional festival holds in Germany, Munich, and Bavaria. Nevertheless, people also celebrate it around the world. It kicks off during the months of September and October.

King Ludwig 1, held a great feast in the honor of his queen in front of the Royal Palace for the citizens of Munich. Since then the Oktoberfest remains a reminder of the generosity of the Royal Family.

Importance of Dirndl Outfit in Oktoberfest:

Dirndl was the dress worn by Alp peasants and the domestic workers in Austria. In Munich, this was the attire specifically for the villagers. The people of Munich when came to the first Oktoberfest in 1810, they were wearing the dress which was appointed on the directions of the cardinal. As centuries passed, people started to become more modernized and stopped wearing it. However, it did not go extinct at all. As a reminder of the tradition, dirndl is a costume women wear during the Oktoberfest festival.

Colors to pick As a Dirndl Outfit:

Whenever you travel to a country, you make sure that you are aware of the culture and traditions there. You must know what kinds of color you must pack when you are going to travel to the Oktoberfest. You can pack various colors in dirndls. Many online websites are available from where you can buy this amazing dress but Lederhosen Store is one that stands out. These colors will be the best choice for you if you are traveling for Oktoberfest in 2019.

A traditional dirndl in the past consisted of a white blouse, black bodice, and skirt with embroidery and a colored apron to wear on the skirt. However, today you will find variations in the dress. As time passed, people started adding color to make the dress more beautiful and attractive.

The Red Colored Dirndl Outfit:

red colored dirndl outfit
red colored dirndl outfit

The most common color that you will see of dirndl is red. This color represents energy, enthusiasm, joy, and radiance and the festival is a symbolism of these emotions. When you will look at the pictures of the festival, you will see that the people are enjoying themselves. This color represents celebration; this is the reason why dirndls are mostly in red color.

The Black Colored Dirndl Outfit:

The Black Colored Dirndl Outfit
The Black Colored Dirndl Outfit

The black color is widely used around the world and especially during the Oktoberfest. It has special meaning in the German culture because it is a sign of strength, formality, and sophistication. The household maids in the past wore black bodice and skirts to show that they are humble and sober when doing their duties. When now most women prefer to wear this traditional color but many, try to look different by adding variations with it.

Blue Colored Dirndl Outfit:

blue colored dirndl outfit
blue colored dirndl outfit

You can also pack dirndl in blue color as it represents loyalty, confidence, faith, trust, and positivity. Generally, blue color aprons are in fashion but bodice and skirt can be a good choice also. Polka dots and checkers can be a variation to the apron. Majority of the Bavarians wear light blue as it is in their flag. You can also mix both polka dots and checkers together to create a new style.

The Pink Color:

pink colored dirndl outfit
pink colored dirndl outfit

If you want to look pretty and decent at the same time, then the pink colored dirndl outfit will suit you best. It is a symbol of feminism, charm friendship, affection, and harmony. There are different varieties of color shades in pink that you can use; shocking pink, baby pink, and tea pink colors will go very well with other darker colors.

Purple Color:

purple colored dirndl outfit
a purple colored dirndl outfit

Many different shades of purple are common in the dress. This color is associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, creativity, and devotion. Most women prefer darker shade as the body appears lean and slim. Whereas, the lighter hues make you look fat. So be very careful in choosing the shade according to your body type.

Wearing the Dirndl Outfit Bow is Important:

It is very important that you pay attention to the bow position on your dirndl outfit. Wearing it on the wrong side may give an incorrect impression. So remember to wear the bow on the correct side.

  1. If you are single, wear the bow on the left side.
  2. If you are a virgin then place the bow in the middle.
  3. The left placing of the bow means that you are either engaged or married.

As you can see, there are many dirndl outfit colors to choose from when you are preparing to go to the Oktoberfest in 2019.  You can choose whatever color combinations you like to go with your Oktoberfest dirndl.

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