Avan Jogia Biography, Tatoos and 2020 Net Worth – All You Need To Know

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Avan Jogia Biography - All You Need To Know

Avan Jogia was born on February 9, 1992, in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada. Did you know he dropped out of school at the age of 16 to pursue a career in acting? Yea he did. And judging by his current achievements, he should be glad he did. Avan Jogia is one of Hollywood’s fastest-growing actors.

With the talent of being an actor, singer, and producer, we should expect a lot from this rising star. Although there are a lot of young actors that have risen to limelight and dropped, this actor is still making his mark. This handsome young actor has made some strides and crossed some milestones, all of which we are addressing today.

Avan Jogia – Early Days

This Canadian born actor, Avan Jogia is one of Hollywood’s most promising young actors. He was homeschooled from fifth to eighth grade. He later attended a local high school for ninth and tenth grade. According to an interview conducted with Teen Vogue. This is the point were, as earlier mentioned, Jogia as 16, decided to leave school. He did this in order to pursue his dream of being an actor.

Avan Jogia Biography - All You Need To Know

Avan Jogia Biography – All You Need To Know

Avan Jogia movies

Avan is an exceptional actor. He landed his first screen role in 2006, when he portrayed Danny Araujo, in the television movie “A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story”. But it was in 2010 that he became well known. With the role of Beck Oliver in the Nickelodeon television program Victorious, a lot of people came to appreciate his talent.

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Jogia also stared in twisted(2012), miniseries Tut (2015), Spectacular! (2009), Finding Hope Now (2010), Rags (2012), Ten Thousand Saints (2015), and I Am Michael (2015), Ghost wars(2017), the outcast(2017), the drowning (2016). He directed his first movie in 2011 with the short film Alex. In 2016, he also directed the web series, Last Teenagers of the Apocalypse.

He has completed several other major and minor roles. Avan Jogia continues to build up his resume playing the lead role of Danny Desai on the ABC Family series Twisted, which made its debut on June 11, 2013.

Avan Jogia Tattoos

Does Avan Jogia have tattoos? You bet he does! The “body art” concept seems to appeal to this actor and he has several tattoos. Let’s quickly go over them, he has tattoos on his chest, his lower arm, his lower leg, his upper leg, his shoulder, and his back.

It may interest you to know that one Avan Jogia’s tattoos read: “buy the ticket, take the train”. He got this quote from Hunter S. Thompson, his favourite writer.

Pictures of Different Avan Jogia Tattoos


avan jogia rib tatoo

picture of tattoo on avan jogia's arm

a picture of tattoo on avan jogia’s arm

side picture of avan jogia's shoulder tattoo

a side picture of avan jogia’s shoulder tattoo

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Avan Jogia – Spiritual Life

We all know Avan speaks English, but did you know he can also speak French and Gujarati? As for Jogia’s culture, he has a rich and diverse cultural background. His father is originally from India but immigrated to Canada. His mother has Irish, Welsh, French and German roots.

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Due to his diverse cultural background, he has practiced more than one religion in his life. As a result, Avan Jogia describes himself as being a “spiritual” person. While his roots are in Hinduism, he chose to practice Buddhism for a short period in his life.

Personal Projects

Jogia co-founded a non-profit organization called “Straight But Not Narrow”. This organization helps develop innovative and outstanding videos and online campaigns. These campaigns aim to train and prepare straight allies to be supporters. Supporters of what? Their LGBT friends, family, classmates, and generally people they come across with. Amazing right?

Avan Jogia – Net Worth

Avan Jogia currently holds a net worth of $1 million in 2020. To our knowledge, the British and Canadian actor accumulated the most or all of this amount of his wealth from his acting career.

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In years to come, we expect to see a spike in the wealth of this talented actor. One of the major breaks that made him very popular came from featuring in the Nickelodeon series, victorious. With a few more like that, his earnings will go sky-high.

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