Amazing Portrait Drawing from a Kerosine

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It is amazing how some people can think of things and do them right. This video is some worth inspirational, how this person made a trick out of drawing a portrait exactly how it looks with a kerosine.

This is something everyone can easily learn, i mean you can use this trick to present a drawn picture of your loved ones to present to them. It is a simple trick, but it’s full of wonder. The trick is, once you pour a kerosine on a white paper (A4 Paper) precisely, making sure the white paper is on top of a picture, the kerosine becomes like a mirror, you see through the picture very clearly, which enables you to begin tracing the picture on top of the white paper. If you are interested in learning in this trick, you can follow steps below:


  • Picture
  • Kerosine
  • Pencil
  • A4 Paper


  • Place the A4 Paper on the picture
  • Spray the kerosine evenly on top of the A4 paper you already have placed on the picture
  • Use pencil to trace all the lines you see on that picture, trace both the curves and straight lines you see

NOTE: Make sure electric Fans are switched off, so that the kerosine doesn’t quickly dries off, make sure you are indoors.

You can Carefully Watch the Video to understand better

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