African Women Displaying Football Skills

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This video was taken in Africa, precisely in Nigeria, in a remote village where people live as one big family despite their difference in culture, race and religion.

The Village community mostly live on farming activities both men, women and children, their major farming is on yam tubers, maize and guinea corn. Some families send their children to school, which located miles away from the village, while some families don’t.

There are no social amenities like electricity and internet in this village, so ofcourse they created their own way of having fun and been social.

The village community sets a time table for every activities at a given date and time, in which all activities are performed together.

I can’t deny the fact that, the women playing this football, got some real skills, i mean some are even really confused on which side they are on, oh i believe there will be alot of own goal that will be seen as normal, no foul, no corner kick, absolutely no rules. Irrespective of all that, they are incredible, they deserve some medal.



On the day this video was taken, it happens to be a women football tournament day, and it was worth watching.

This video can be funny, but it has alot of inspiration defining Africans, how they grow strong and strive through breakthrough in pains and pressure. It shows love and strength.


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