Common Airport Crimes That Can Get You Arrested


For the sake of business, greener pasture, holiday, so many persons has gotten reasons to travel out of the country.


While this is cool, there are lot of Airport Offence you can commit without having an idea about.


We are farmiliar with some of these offences. So firstly, let read about the categories of persons who can be victims.


  • TODDLERS: They might fall victim due to their behavior if they are controlled properly.


  • TEEN: They might be victims sometimes because of  the words they use.


  • YOUTH: They might be victims of arrest, mostly due to their luggage content, and adult language.


  • ADULT: It depends on their obedience to simple rules and regulatory orders, else they are not excluded.


The few listed above comprises of varying ranges of person and the type of offense they ignorantly commit.


This has made some and may still put some in jail, probably kicked off from their booked flight, delayed and even fined.

Some Airport Crimes


Joking about hijacking: This is fought so hard to terminate, so you talking about its fun renders you as a suspect.

Spotted with any form of weapon: This action confirms you as a murderer, it so dangerous and as well an offense you must avoid.

Hard Drugs content in blood or body system: It shows you potentially can cause havoc once the flight is set due to abnormality.

Lateness for flight: Lateness is due to laziness and none is to be blamed for your flight missed except you.

Attempting hacking into any system: Hackers are potential terrorist who steal vital information, this attempt put you in chains once noticed.

Found with pirated or illegal books or food content: Piracy is a punishable crime by law, examine you document before traveling with them.

Possession of hard drugs: The illegal exportation or importation of hard drugs is a death warrant to you name. Avoid drugs possession in and beware of those who might want to put it in your luggage and victimize you.

Toiling and joking with the airport emergency service: Emergency units are required for risk and crime combating not for jokes.
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In possession of weapon: A little sharp too can cause death and even plane crash if not tackled properly.

Refusal to put off your phone or turn on flight mood: Making calls and texting is not nice, you’re expected to be on flight mode, other wise that is also an airport offense but ignorance to that renders you against the simple rule.

Having criminal trace in your profile: This is a high profile top airport offense you must avoid. Wanted criminals are always on the run, one quick way of picking them is at airport terminals, so stay crime free.

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